Published on February 5, 2020

Critical Addition to Cook's Canyon Wildlife Sanctuary

Galloway Brook on the Trifilo property in Barre
Galloway Brook

The Trifilo family has bought, sold, and owned several properties in Barre over the past century. One special property has been in their family for over 50 years, and the three children who inherited it decided to sell to Mass Audubon.

This generous donation adds nine acres and frontage on the Galloway Brook to Cook's Canyon Wildlife Sanctuary

Cook's Canyon is the name of the small ravine through which Galloway Brook flows. The brook itself has some impressive waterfalls and rapids during times of high water. A natural cliff-face separates the land from a small shopping center to the east.

This acquisition preserves an ecologically significant natural area, and assists wildlife movement by expanding the connectivity of Cook's Canyon Wildlife Sanctuary—a key response to climate change.

The Galloway Brook along the southern boundary is a tributary of the Prince River, a coldwater stream. Coldwater streams are areas or reaches of streams and small rivers with water cold enough throughout the year to support coldwater fish species such as brook trout.

This acquisition increases the length of protected stream corridor by approximately 650 feet.