Published on July 9, 2019

5 Acres in Worcester Donated to Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

The 5-acre Faler property in Worcester

A donation of land by Karen Faler has added five acres to Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester.

Karen and her husband Paul, who passed away seven years ago, received the property from his grandparents. They purchased it after emigrating from Finland and used it for a woodlot. Paul and Karen visited the property occasionally and enjoyed the step back in time to a rural community where keeping a woodlot was not uncommon.

Karen is now the sole owner. When no family members expressed interest in keeping the land, Karen approached Mass Audubon about donating it. The Faler land is a wooded lot that has never been developed and directly abuts the Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. We accepted with enthusiasm!

Although small, this 5-acre parcel is ecologically significant. The entire property is designated as important habitat for threatened species by the state's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. In addition, the donation of this parcel to Mass Audubon eliminates the potential for intrusive development that would affect a nearby trail at Broad Meadow Brook.

Karen was thrilled with the successful transaction. "It is with great satisfaction that I donate this land to the Mass Audubon preserve at Broad Meadow Brook," she said. "It honors both my family’s heritage and Mass Audubon’s efforts to preserve undisturbed elements of nature for all to enjoy."