Help Protect Bear Hole in West Springfield & Holyoke, MA—GOAL REACHED!

Looking north from the dam at Bear Hole Reservoir
Looking north from the dam at Bear Hole Reservoir


Campaign Progress


We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal! Thank you to the hundreds of people who generously supported this incredible opportunity.

There is still work to do to complete this vision. With the funding in place, our Land Conservation team and partners can move forward on the remaining steps to complete the project and protect Bear Hole forever.

We hope to be able to announce that successful conclusion in the spring of 2021. Stay tuned!

Why This Matters

Paucatuck Brook at Bear Hole property
Paucatuck Brook at Bear Hole

Bear Hole is one of the single most important land conservation opportunities remaining in Massachusetts. Here's why:

  • Carbon Storage: The extensive forest will continue their important job of storing vast quantities of carbon, combating the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.
  • Flood Water Storage: The reservoirs on the property will store massive volumes from increasing extreme rain events associated with climate change.
  • Wildlife Corridors: The property serves as a critical link in an expansive wildlife corridor reaching from central Connecticut all the way to the Holyoke Range.
  • Map of Bear Hole's location in West Springfield
    Rare Species: The Bear Hole Landscape is home to dozens of species of plants and animals that are no longer common in Massachusetts.
  • Recreation/Community Health: With miles of trails already on the site, and additional trail creation envisioned by the community, protection will ensure continued public access to Bear Hole.

Thank you again to all who supported this campaign!