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Wellfleet Bay marsh in late afternoon summer

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Mass Audubon's Climate Action Plan calls for urgent action to guide Massachusetts towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Protecting land is one of the most tangible and powerful solutions to help us do so while fighting climate change.

This is why Mass Audubon launched The Future is in Our Lands campaign to raise $4 million to protect 4,000 acres of undeveloped land. We're committed to bold climate action, and we need your support in our collective climate fight.

Protected land:

  • Absorbs rampant carbon dioxide emissions in forests and marshes
  • Buffers extreme rain events by storing flood waters
  • Boosts nature’s resilience to climate change impacts
  • Provides clean air, clean water, and other benefits to human health

Your help allows us to conserve our land, fight climate change, and protect the people and wildlife we love.

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These 4,000 acres of protected land will . . .

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Offset the emissions of more than 90,000 cars every year.

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Provide storage for 250 million gallons of floodwaters from increasing extreme rain events.

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Help generate clean drinking water for more than 20,000 people a year by preserving natural filtration systems.

You can support the entire campaign, or a specific urgent land project:

Paucatuck Brook at Bear Hole property
Paucatuck Brook at Bear Hole

Mass Audubon has an opportunity to protect a 1,500-acre property that boasts extensive and beautiful intact forest, a wide range of rare plants and animals, and miles of trails—all within close proximity to a large population hub. Learn More >