Impact of Education & Community Outreach

Student taking notes during class field trip to sanctuary

On any given day, Mass Audubon educators may be found in any number of places: in a local school classroom showing students Monarch caterpillars preparing for metamorphosis; leading a group of preschoolers on a forest walk at one of our Nature Preschools; or introducing campers to a special Animal Ambassador, such as a Red-tailed Hawk, at our summer camps.

Mass Audubon is the largest statewide provider of environmental education for youth, families, and adults. Programs take place at our sanctuaries as well as in communities and schools across the state. 

Key Annual Accomplishments 


Campers at BMB

Campers who attended a session at one of our day camps, Wildwood overnight camp, or a vacation week camp at a wildlife sanctuary. 



Campers at Drumlin Farm in Boyce Field

Total amount of camp scholarships awarded each year so that every child that wants to can attend camp.


Educator leading program in classroom

Students served by one of our school programs each year.



Teacher training at Drumlin Farm

Teachers who attended one of our professional development workshops to learn how to bring nature into the classroom and to bring the classroom outside.


Statewide 2018 map of wildlife sanctuaries in MA

Massachusetts Gateway Cities reached by Mass Audubon's school programs.



Preschoolers in raincoats playing on a log

Children enrolled at one of six licensed Mass Audubon Nature Preschools across the state.


Swirling cluster of fireflies © Jonathan McElvery
Fireflies © Jonathan McElvery

Observations submitted via Firefly Watch Community Science Project.


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