Education & Community Outreach

Teacher professional development training about wetlands at Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary

Community takes on many meaningsā€”locations marked by physical boundaries, groups of like-minded people, partner organizations, and so on. Our outreach work focuses on helping members of different communities to cultivate an understanding of the environment and our interrelationships with the natural world.


Nature is a laboratory for students, classroom teachers, and educators of all backgrounds. Mass Audubon's educators support students and teachers as they increase their understanding of environmental science, learn how natural systems and cycles work, and think through the relationship of humans and the natural world. By engaging directly with nature, our programs invite students to think like scientists, engage in meaningful discussion about what they discover, and reflect on their connection to the environment. Learn more >

Mass Audubon seeks to expand our educational programs to urban and diverse communities including cities where we do not currently have a sanctuary presence. Learn More

Mass Audubon strives to make our buildings, trails, exhibits, and wildlife observation areas as welcoming as possible. We do this through a variety of approaches including interpretive panels, sensory trails, and nature play areas. Learn More

Campers at BMB

Mass Audubon is one of the largest statewide providers of environmental education programming for youth, families, and adults. Our statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries, nature centers, and museums serve as the base for our work in education and community outreach. Our education programs take place at our sites as well as in communities across the Commonwealth in partnership with schools, classrooms, and community-based organizations. Learn More