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Ebony Jewelwing damselfly © Joy Marzolf, Mass Audubon
Ebony Jewelwing damselfly © Joy Marzolf, Mass Audubon

One goal of Mass Audubon's odonate project has been to engage our staff, volunteers, and other organizations in the study of odonates and promoting their use as environmental indicators.

Send us Your Sightings

We encourage other odonate enthusiasts to send us their records of odonate sightings at Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries.


Our enthusiastic sanctuary staff and volunteers continue to provide us with new records. Over the next number of years we will continue to carry out quantitative surveys and sample new land acquisitions. Contact us if you are interested in helping out.

Participate in a Program

During May through September, Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries around the state often host programs that explore dragonflies and damselflies. 
See a listing of our current programs

Protect our Rivers and Streams

These results of our monitoring project points to the particular importance of protecting rivers and cold water stream habitats, which often harbor rare odonates.