Invasive Species

Purple loosestrife flower close-up
Purple loosestrife flower

Mass Audubon considers invasive species to be one of the greatest threats to the nature of Massachusetts because they out-compete, displace, or kill native species. Our approach to addressing the threat invasive species pose to native plants and animals is three-fold.

Manage Our Wildlife Sanctuary Lands

  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for managing invasive species. Learn More
  • Identifying invasive species threats at each sanctuary and implementing management measures to address the most serious threats.

Learn More 

View our online invasive plant guide 
with identification tips and
management suggestions. 

Educate Our Members and the General Public 

  • Offer invasive-centric public programs at our wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Providing an invasive species management handbook to Mass Audubon's education staff and to more than 200 conservation land managers across the state.