Ecological Restoration Program

Overlooking the salt marsh at Allens Pond

Mass Audubon has a long history of using restoration and management techniques to support healthy wildlife habitats and biological diversity. The Ecological Restoration Program builds on that tradition and provides a larger capacity to take on projects of significant scope and scale, including:

  • Wetland restoration on retired cranberry farmland
  • Salt marsh restoration 
  • Urban wetlands restoration
  • Dam and other barrier removals from coastal and inland waterways

Mass Audubon is identifying, prioritizing, and initiating ecological restoration projects on our own lands. In addition, we will invite proposals from other landowners and partners for Mass Audubon technical assistance. Completed projects will build climate resilience, improve biological diversity, protect water quality, and rejuvenate beautiful natural places for people to visit and enjoy. Integration with land conservation and habitat management will help us meet our Action Agenda goals for Resilient Landscapes.