How You Can Help Fight Climate Change

Volunteers at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Help fight climate change!

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The climate is changing, and we can make a difference. By working together in new ways, everyone can help ensure that future generations of people and wildlife have a healthy and livable planet.

Here are the most effective things you can do right now:

  • Get renewable energy for your home when you Make the Switch.
  • Eat less meat, especially beef.
  • Commit to car-free days.
  • Protect open spaces.
  • Join local conservation groups.
  • Talk about it with friends, family, and coworkers.

There are many other ways to help protect the environment from climate change at home, in our communities, on the road, and when we shop.

Take a Climate Pledge

When it comes to fighting climate change, everyone can make a difference. As a way to inspire you to act in both big and small ways, take a monthly climate pledge! Together we can act on climate and create meaningful impacts. Take a pledge >

At Home

We can improve the health of our environment just by Making the Switch to renewable energy, eating less beef, and taking a few other simple steps at home. Learn More >

In Your Community

The most effective thing we can do is get involved in our own communities. Participating in open space planning meetings, voicing support for the Community Preservation Act, and talking to our local officials regularly about addressing climate change are critical steps to take. Learn More >

On the Road

We can reduce carbon emissions from our transportation by committing to one or more car-free days per week, by replacing our car with one that gets 40 miles per gallon, and by simply keeping our tires properly inflated. Learn More >

When You Shop

Buying electronic devices like phones less frequently, less clothing, and used furniture all adds up to significant positive impact over time. Learn More >