Addressing Climate Change at its Roots

Sunlight filtering through forest trees © Dorrie Holmes
© Dorrie Holmes

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Why "mitigate"?

To mitigate climate change means to fight climate change at its root—excess greenhouse gasses. Paired with Mass Audubon's climate adaptation initiatives, reducing and eliminating our excess greenhouse gas emissions is the urgent and bold action we need to protect the people and wildlife we love from climate change's impact.

Best of all? Anyone can work to mitigate climate change! Here's how:

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Climate Action Pledges

Take one of Mass Audubon's Climate Action Pledges to commit to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Once you finish one pledge, you can sign up for the next!

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Green Your Energy

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Our energy usage burns fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. When you Make the Switch, Mass Audubon's partner, Green Energy Consumers Alliance, matches your electricity use with local green power.

This brings renewable power from wind, solar, biomass, and low-impact hydro to the collective grid on your behalf—all without changing your regular utility company.

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Use our climate-themed, digital bingo cards to get your family engaged with fighting climate change. Designed for all ages!

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