Buying Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources

Make the Switch 

Make the Switch

Bring more renewable energy to your home and community by switching to green electricity. It’s easier than you think! Find out how

Purchasing green electricity is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to quickly reduce your carbon footprint.

Mass Audubon has eliminated all carbon emissions from electricity use. Since 2009, all Mass Audubon sites have been purchasing green electricity. Mass Audubon purchases green electricity from Green Energy Consumers Alliance, using its New England Wind Power product.

One hundred percent of electricity used at Mass Audubon properties comes from non-fossil fuel sources, with 63% purchased from our nonprofit partner Green Energy Consumers Alliance and 37% generated on-site by Mass Audubon’s own photovoltaic arrays.

Learn more about greening your own electricity by Making the Switch to green electricity.