Mass Audubon's Climate Action Strategy

Sunset over an agricultural field © Bryan Donovan
© Bryan Donovan

Leveraging Mass Audubon’s unique strengths to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 while maintaining a livable environment for all people and wildlife.

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Climate change is the greatest environmental crisis of our time with real impacts that we can see not only around the entire world, but right here at home in Massachusetts.

As the Commonwealth’s largest nature conservation nonprofit, it is our responsibility to respond swiftly and boldly. We must drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to combat the climate impacts we’re facing right now and avoid the most dangerous impacts yet to come.

Recognizing this need, Mass Audubon's climate action strategy seeks to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 in Massachusetts while maintaining a livable landscape for people and wildlife. Our plan will support the Commonwealth's statewide initiative to do the same.

Mass Audubon will rely on the support of our 135,000 members, more than 38,000 acres of our protected land, statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries and education centers, and organizational expertise in advocacy, conservation science, and education.

Vision & Goals 

Mass Audubon's Climate Action Plan operates on four interrelated goals: 

  • Building an informed, climate literate, and passionate constituency of all ages with the agency to implement meaningful climate solutions at individual and community levels.
  • Conserving and stewarding natural lands to mitigate the effects of climate change and enhance the resilience of natural and human communities.
  • Pass strong climate legislation from local to federal levels and ensure these policies are effectively resourced and implemented.
  • Eliminate Mass Audubon's carbon footprint.

Leading by Example 

Group in front of a ground-mounted solar array at Pleasant Valley

Before we help guide Massachusetts towards carbon neutrality, we first must align our organization internally with climate response and mitigation initiatives.

Mass Audubon is prepared to lead by example when it comes to bold and urgent action to fight climate change.

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