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Climate change is the greatest crisis of our time, and we now regularly live with its effects. We have already seen wildfires on a scale we’ve never imagined. More intense and frequent hurricanes are now the norm. And droughts and food shortages becoming more widespread, not to mention the increasing reality of sea-level rise. 

While the challenges of climate change are daunting, Mass Audubon recognizes that urgent and bold action, in partnership with others, will create meaningful individual, community-level, and systems change that will prevent the crisis' worst impacts.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change. It is our responsibility, as Massachusetts' largest nature conservation nonprofit, to act swiftly. 

Recognizing this need, Mass Audubon has developed an ambitious, new Climate Action Plan, which builds on our existing climate action work. This plan provides a concrete road map to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 in Massachusetts while maintaining a livable landscape for people and wildlife. It will support the Commonwealth’s new plan to do the same. 

Specifically, our Climate Action Plan identifies an ambitious set of goals and actions that Mass Audubon is well suited to complete with the support of our 135,000 members and via our more than 38,000 acres of protected land, statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries and education centers, and organizational expertise in advocacy, conservation science, and education.

Vision & Goals

To leverage Mass Audubon’s unique strengths so Massachusetts can achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 while maintaining a livable environment for all people and wildlife. We will achieve this vision by focusing on four interrelated goals.

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Taking Action

The challenge of climate change cannot be solved by a single entity. But, through strategic partnerships and bold, committed actions that leverage our organizational strengths and those of others, we can elevate the movement that will solve the crisis. The Climate Action Plan will introduce several new initiatives and plans to scale existing work in order to build a carbon neutral Massachusetts.

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Part of the Solution

This Plan is perhaps the most ambitious in Mass Audubon’s history. We have already begun the work, but for it to succeed, we will need the help of many members, partners, and communities.

If you like to learn more about how to support this work, please contact our Climate Change Program Director, Alexandra Vecchio, by email or make a donation online.

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