Shave the Peak Pledge

Boston Skyline copyright Yu-Jen Shih Flickr CC
Boston Skyline © Yu-Jen Shih/Flickr CC

During very hot summer days, consumers require more electricity to cool their homes, particularly in hot, urban areas that lack nature to keep them cool. During "peak hours" when electric demand is highest, the state's energy grid operators are forced to use additional dirty fossil fuels in an effort to meet the extra demand. These "peaker plants" are generally the dirtiest and most expensive energy sources, charging for oil and gas at extremely high rates. 

We can usually predict when peak events will occur a few days in advance, so if we plan accordingly, consumers can reduce their reliance on the dirtiest and most expensive power generators. The Green Energy Consumers Alliance issues "Shave the Peak" alerts that will remind you to use less electricity when it matters most.

"I pledge to sign up for 'Shave the Peak' alerts to help clean up the New England power system and advocate for forward-thinking policies that can transform our electric grid." 

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