Addressing Climate Change at its Roots

Sunlight filtering through forest trees © Dorrie Holmes
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Why adapt and mitigate?

To mitigate climate change means to fight climate change at its root—excess greenhouse gasses. Paired with Mass Audubon's climate adaptation initiatives, which build resilience and help us contend with climate change’s current and future impacts, reducing and eliminating our excess greenhouse gas emissions is the urgent and bold action we need to protect the people and wildlife we love from climate change.

Best of all? Anyone can work to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

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Climate Action Pledges

Take one of Mass Audubon's Climate Action Pledges to commit to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. These pledges are designed to meet you where you are in your climate action journey. 

Once you finish one pledge, you can sign up for the next!

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Climate Action Community Toolkit

Cover of Mass Audubon's Climate Action Community Toolkit

Check out Mass Audubon's primer on climate change and discover why it’s important to act now.

The toolkit also includes checklist challenges you can take with your family and friends to help make us make a difference.

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Drive Green

Electric vehicle (EV) charging station at a Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary

The biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts, and the country, is our transportation sector. Cut down on these emissions by switching to electric vehicles over gas-powered vehicles.

An all-electric or battery-electric vehicle can reduce your transportation carbon footprint by nearly 75%.

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Shave the Peak

Boston skyline © Yu-Jen Shih Flickr CC
Boston skyline © Yu-Jen Shih/Flickr CC

On the hottest days of summer, energy grid operators drastically increase the amount of fossil fuels they burn to meet the extra demand for electricity to cool homes and buildings, especially during "peak" midday hours. 

You can help cut the demand for this dirty, expensive surplus energy by reducing your electricity use during these peak events. Sign up for the Green Energy Consumers Alliance "Shave the Peak" program to get text and/or email alerts when a peak event is predicted and reminders to use less electricity during peak times.

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Climate Action Bingo card


Use our climate-themed, digital bingo cards to get your family engaged with fighting climate change. Designed for all ages!

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