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Beach sunset in winter © Myer Bornstein
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We Can Fight Climate Change Together

Climate change requires us to boldly and urgently act to protect the wildlife and people we love. In response, Mass Audubon has committed to achieving a carbon neutral future in Massachusetts by 2050.

Carbon neutrality, or net zero emissions, means that we don't emit any greenhouse gasses that we can't soak back up out of the atmosphere. To do so entails protecting and conserving natural climate fighting tools, mitigating climate change by reducing and eliminating our greenhouse gas emissions, and amplifying nature's resilience to climate impacts.

We need your help to make this future a reality.

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Climate Change in Massachusetts

Climate Change in Massachusetts

Climate CO2 cycle illustration

How it Works

  1. We burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas.
  2. These fossil fuels release excess greenhouse gasses, like carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere.
  3. The atmosphere wraps around Earth like a blanket, trapping heat inside of it. Excess greenhouse gasses make this blanket thicker, causing our world to warm rapidly.
  4. The blanket is too thick, which hurts plants, animals, and humans.

The impacts of climate change can be seen almost everywhere in Massachusetts. Oceans, freshwater, forest, and urban habitats are all impacted by the crisis, and its effects range from harming human health and increasing exposure to extreme weather to hurting our wildlife, like pollinators, shellfish, and birds.

Climate change amplifies existing threats while introducing new dangers to the world around us. It's up to us to come together and fight so we can protect people and wildlife alike.

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