Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change

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The climate of Massachusetts is already changing—and with it, our natural lands, waters, and wildlife.

These changes are affecting our health, the nature we love, and the natural resources on which we depend. Despite these challenges, we currently have the capacity to protect the natural resources of Massachusetts for future generations of people and wildlife. 

Why We Care

Why We Care

Climate change amplifies existing risks to our natural resources, and many species will struggle to keep up with the rate of ecosystem change without continually evolving habitat conservation. Learn More >

Effects of Climate Change

Effects of Climate Change

Projected sea level rise in Boston © NOAA
© NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

The climate is changing. Warming temperatures are driving other changes in our environment—impacting our health, the nature we love, and the natural resources on which we depend. Learn More >

Climate Change and the Birds of Massachusetts

Impact on the Birds of Massachusetts

Piping plover with chicks © John Van de Graaff
© John Van de Graaff

Climate change is affecting birds in a number of ways. Warming temperatures, sea level rise, and ocean acidification—among other challenges—will force our feathered friends to adapt. Learn More >

What Mass Audubon Is Doing

What Mass Audubon Is Doing

Mass Audubon is leading by example and integrating climate change into our mission through conservation, education, and advocacy. Learn More >

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Daughter hugging tree © Erica Tworog-Dube
© Erica Tworog-Dube

The climate is changing, and you can make a difference. By working together in new ways, we can help ensure that future generations of people and wildlife have a healthy and livable planet. Learn More >

Local, State, & National Policy

Local, State, & National Policy

Mass Audubon supports legislation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions to lessen the impacts of climate change, and provides support for communities preparing to adapt to inevitable challenges. Learn More >

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Mass Audubon Climate Action Plan logo

Climate Action Plan

Climate change is the greatest crisis of our time, and we now regularly live with its effects. We must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade to avoid the most dangerous impacts.

That's why Mass Audubon has developed an ambitious new Climate Action Plan that builds on our existing climate action work. This plan provides a concrete road map to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 in Massachusetts while maintaining a livable landscape for people and wildlife. 

Learn More >

Impact of Climate Change Work

Farm meadow at sunset © Nick Sarfaty Jackson
© Nick Sarfaty Jackson

Impact of Our Climate Change Work

The current and projected future impacts of climate change on nature in Massachusetts are very significant, requiring a thoughtful and comprehensive approach and a sustained effort. Mass Audubon is uniquely suited to demonstrate actions to adapt to climate change. Learn More >

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Researcher © Janice Corkin Rudolph
© Janice Corkin Rudolph

Conservation & Science

Mass Audubon's conservation and science teams are not only working to protect our natural resources for the present, they’re also working to protect our natural resources as they respond to a changing climate in the future. Learn More >

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Field school class © NECWA
© New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance


Climate change is fundamental to environmental education and civic engagement. We’re working to integrate it naturally into our programming for all ages. Learn More >