Protecting Wildlife

Staff member examines cold-stunned sea turtle on beach © Esther Horvath
Examining a cold-stunned sea turtle on the beach © Esther Horvath

Mass Audubon advocates for the conservation of birds, wildlife, and habitat through our work at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Massachusetts Endangered Species Act

With a focus on protecting the most vulnerable species and habitat, Mass Audubon has worked to defend the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act in court and stop its repeal in the legislature.

Climate Change

Our work on climate change policy is also crucial to wildlife protection. Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing the nature of Massachusetts today. As part of our work in the renewable energy sector, we conducted studies on the proposed Cape Wind project to ensure that it would not negatively impact birds, particularly long-tailed ducks. 

Lights Out Boston

Through our Lights Out program in partnership with the City of Boston, leading building owners and managers in Boston agree to dim or extinguish lighting in their buildings overnight. This helps protect migratory birds that could otherwise become "trapped" in the lights, circling a tall building until they collide with it or become exhausted. 

Position on Hunting & Fishing

Mass Audubon does not oppose legal hunting or fishing, but we do support the status quo that prohibits hunting on Sundays. Mass Audubon generally does not currently allow hunting on our properties. More about our position >