Federal Issues

Mass Audubon works at the federal level to defend and restore America's conservation legacy, and to guide the nation to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Land Stewardship Investment Programs

We support increasing annual appropriations for:

State Wildlife Grants Program

Provides grants to state wildlife agencies to support cost-effective conservation to keep wildlife from becoming endangered.

North American Wetlands Conservation Grants Program

Provides matching grants to public or private organizations to protect and restore wetland ecosystems throughout North America.

Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Provides financial assistance to help plan and implement conservation practices that address natural resource concerns and for opportunities to improve soil, water, plant, animal, air and related resources.

Other Federal Advocacy

Land & Water Conservation Fund

Needs reauthorization and full funding; provides funding for the protection of national forests, and national wildlife refuges, and provides matching grants for state and local parks and recreation projects.

Cap & Trade Legislation

Continue to support comprehensive federal legislation implementing carbon reduction goals through a cap and trade program, stricter environmental requirements regarding offshore oil and gas drilling, and environmentally protective requirements regarding the development of renewable energy resources.

Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Continue to oppose Congressional efforts to limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions as a pollutant.

Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling

Continue to oppose the exploration, development and production of oil and gas on the federally controlled Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) off Massachusetts as it could threaten critical ocean habitat and would present an unacceptable risk to a renewable fishery resource associated with one of the world’s premier fishing grounds at Georges Bank.