Published on May 9, 2016

New Resource for Forest Conservation and Stewardship

We’re always looking to learn more at Mass Audubon and now we have a new resource to share with you! In addition to our land protection specialists at headquarters, our Shaping the Future of Your Community program recently enhanced our capacity to support communities and landowners with forestland conservation and stewardship as well.

Private landowners play a big role in the future of Massachusetts in terms of the decisions they make about their own forestland, but often have many questions surrounding conservation and stewardship. Stefanie Covino, Project Coordinator for the Shaping program, is now trained as a Keystone Cooperator to help landowners consider their options. Whether you need resources about conserving land with Mass Audubon or managing your forests for the birds, Stefanie can point you in the right direction.

In ecology, a keystone species is one whose impacts on its environment are larger and greater than would be expected from one species. The Keystone Project invests education and reference materials in keystone people that can make a large impact at their local level. The training covers subjects such as forest ecology and management, wildlife management, land protection, and community outreach, and provides attendees with sharable resources.

Stefanie is now a resource for our Central MA region and offers one additional option for local forest owners to consider contacting when they have questions about forest conservation and stewardship. To contact your new local resource, email Stefanie at [email protected]