Alive with Birds: William Brewster in Concord Art Exhibition

March 4-September 5
Charley Harper, Mystery of the Missing Migrants, 1992, acrylic on board, Mass Audubon collection
Charley Harper, Mystery of the Missing Migrants, 1992, acrylic on board, Mass Audubon collection

Mass Audubon is proud to partner with The Concord Museum on this exceptional exhibition highlighting the work of Brewster, Mass Audubon's first president and one of our nation's first modern-day conservation leaders.

The Exhibit

Through image, text, and multimedia, the exhibition explores multiple facets of Brewster's life at October Farm and in the community—from his evolution as an ornithologist and the increasingly important contributions of his longtime assistant, Black ornithologist and photographer Robert Gilbert, to Brewster's legacy of land preservation, a tradition that lives on at Brewster's Woods and throughout Concord.

The exhibition includes a range of objects related to Brewster and October Farm including Brewster's field glasses and journals; bird specimens Brewster collected through his association with the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology; and 20 paintings and sculptures from Mass Audubon’s Museum of American Bird Art by acclaimed artists, including John James Audubon, Frank Weston Benson, Anthony Elmer Crowell, Charley Harper, David Sibley, Leonard Baskin, and Barry Van Dusen, each of whom depicted birds formerly or currently native to Concord’s landscape.

Concord Museum's "Alive with Birds" exhibition logo

Alive with Birds: William Brewster in Concord not only provides visitors with greater understanding of this early (and many would argue, under-appreciated) champion of avifauna and the habitats they depend upon, but may well inspire them to forge their own connections with the natural world at a time when nature has never been more important, or vulnerable.

Special Programs

Take part in lively in-person Alive with Birds public programs, including Family Weekend at the Concord Museum.

Speaker Series

Concord Museum Forums will host an in-person and virtual speaker series featuring a stellar list of conservation writers and thought leaders, including author and conservationist Terry Tempest Williams, Harvard ornithologist and Mass Audubon Board member Scott Edwards (moderated by David O'Neill), and author Ben Shattuck (to name a few).

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