Spring 2010

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Spring 2010 issue of Sanctuary magazine

Spring Break: The reemergence of reptiles and amphibians

Editor's Column

Twilight of the Frogs 
by John H. Mitchell

President's Message

Invaluable Vernal Pools 
by Laura Johnson

Safe Passage

Annually, under cover of night, salamanders make their spring pilgrimage to shallow wetlands and vernal pools to breed. 
by Michael Caduto

The Pools of Spring

Tens of thousands of temporary pools in the Massachusetts forests and fields are critical to the survival of native amphibians. Certification of this habitat, one pool at a time, ensures its protection. 
by Thomas Conuel

The Ice Turtles
Turtles gradually come out of hiding as warm weather approaches, and if you’re looking for them they will turn up, even sunbathing on an ice sheet. 
by Tom Tyning

The State of the Snake

Though most snakes are harmless, and despite declining populations, their persecution continues. 
by Karl Meyer

Spring Song

A frog chorus can be overwhelming and inspirational. 
by Sandy Cofran

The Fate of All Frogs

While frogs possess a unique ability to adapt to extreme conditions, habitat loss, disease, pollution, and the pet trade imperil their survival. 
by Gayle Goddard-Taylor

One Percent for Nature

Massachusetts' environmental budget is second to last in the country for getting its share of state funds. 
by Jennifer Ryan

A Handsome Toad

Your yard can be a haven for toads
by Ann Prince

Seeing Green

An unexpected encounter with nature may be life-changing. 
by Chris Leahy