Explore—Winter 2020

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Cover of Winter 2020 issue of "Explore" (Wachusett Meadow in winter © Julie Mankowsky)
© Julie Mankowsky

Unique Jobs at Mass Audubon

Behind the scenes of any great organization are the employees, working with little fanfare to keep the gears turning. From education to advocacy to IT, the diversity of roles at Mass Audubon may surprise you. Here are five jobs held by "Mass Audubon-ers" that we couldn't do without.

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Winter Wonderlands in Central Massachusetts

Even the hush that follows a snowfall seems to suggest that winter is a time for rest and quiet. But just because much of nature is dialing back its activity doesn’t mean you have to! With 13 Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries boasting an impressive array of terrain and habitats spreading across Central Massachusetts, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration.

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You Otter Know: River Otters in Winter

North American River Otters are the charismatic clowns (and the largest members) of the weasel family, well-known for their playful antics and excellent swimming abilities. But what happens when the water turns frigid and lakes freeze over? Perhaps surprisingly, otters don't really slow down. 

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In Your Words: Jeanne Li

Jeanne Li, a volunteer at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, chose to dedicate part of her retirement to removing invasive Glossy Buckthorn at the sanctuary.

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By the Numbers: Bird Banding

"Bird banding" is the practice of capturing birds and attaching uniquely numbered bands to their legs. It's one of the oldest—and most important—techniques for studying the movements and population changes of birds.

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Young Explorers: Stories in the Snow

A fresh dusting of snow gives young explorers a glimpse into animal adventures happening right in your neighborhood. Grab your winter gear, head out after a fresh snowfall, and look for animal tracks!

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 Web exclusive! Use our mini field guide to track patterns and characteristics to decode the stories of tracks you find.