Explore Winter 2018

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Cover of Explore Winter 2018 issue (Photo © Barbara Gaskin)
Red fox © Barbara Gaskin

Let It Snow: How to Get Outdoors This Winter

Looking for ways to get outside this winter and experience nature in all its brisk, snowy glory? Consider these “Best of Winter” activities to do by yourself, with your family, or with a group of friends.

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Fools for Love

Think a romantic holiday in the middle of frigid February is something invented by the greeting card and hothouse flower industry? Perhaps, but a look at the natural world shows that for some wildlife, mid to late winter is, in fact, the perfect time for love.

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Fire and Flood: A Warning for Extreme Weather in New England

The past year saw record-breaking extreme weather across the country, from wildfires to hurricanes to floods. Climate change amplified the impact of these major weather events, and New England could be facing a host of similar challenges.

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In Your Words: Anne Monnelly Carroll

Anne Carroll, Director of Water Resources for the MA Department of Conservation & Recreation, talks about how attending camp as a child led to a career focused on protecting water.

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Outdoor Almanac

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By the Numbers: Eagles

Thanks to a massive conservation effort, bald eagles have returned to Massachusetts and can now be spotted from the Berkshires to Boston.

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Young Explorers: Snow Insulation

Not only is snow fun to play in, but it’s also a protective layer for animals and plants.

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