Explore Summer 2017


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The Coast is Calling

Why settle for only soaking in the sun when you can go on a wildlife-packed exploration by sand and sea? Join up with our wildlife sanctuaries up and down the coast, from Newburyport to the Cape and Islands, for summer adventures that are not to be missed.

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Foresters for the Birds

There is a quiet revolution beginning in the forests of Massachusetts. Across the state, private landowners are stepping up in a big way to address crucial conservation needs, right in their own backyards.

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In Your Words: Vasha Brunelle

One volunteer talks about the incredible highs and lows of monitoring a pair of American oystercatchers nesting in her neighborhood as part of the Coastal Waterbird Program at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Outdoor Almanac

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By the Numbers: Advocacy

From defending endangered species to reducing climate change impacts, one of the most effective ways to protect the nature of Massachusetts is through strong environmental policies.

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Young Explorers: Fireflies

When it comes to cool insects, it’s hard to beat fireflies.

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