Explore—Spring 2020


Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, any information regarding upcoming programs in this issue of Explore is subject to change. Please visit the Program Catalog to check on the status of any upcoming program.

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Spring 2020 Explore cover (Beaver © Darya Zelentsova)
Beaver © Darya Zelentsova

A Net Zero Future

There are environmental issues worth fighting for. And then there's the greatest challenge of the 21st century—the climate crisis. It's still possible to avoid the worst effects of it, but we have to take immediate and bold action to succeed. This is why Mass Audubon has recently developed an ambitious plan to achieve a net zero Massachusetts by 2050 while maintaining a livable landscape for all people and wildlife.

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Spring in Bloom in the Connecticut River Valley

Immerse yourself in the verdant unfolding of spring by visiting the Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries of the Connecticut River Valley. Here are a few to get you started.

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2019 Photo Contest Winners

Each year we are in awe of the images entered into our photo contest. And each year, we embark on the challenging task of selecting the images that best represent the beauty and diversity of nature in Massachusetts. We're thrilled to share some of the winners of the 2019 contest.

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In Your Words: Wildwood Counselors

Three counselors from Mass Audubon's Wildwood overnight camp, who also grew up as campers in the program, reflect on their most profound summer experiences.

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Young Explorers: Hop to It

Here's a riddle for you. What's green, has great night vision, and is referred to as an "army" when in a large group? No, we're not talking about a soldier—we're talking about a frog!

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→ Web exclusive! Discover the "double lives" of frogs and find out how you can help protect them!