This is Our Collective Climate Fight

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This article was featured in the Fall 2020 issue of Explore, our quarterly magazine for members.

Massachusetts boasts remarkable flora, fauna, and communities filled with the people we love. Mass Audubon recognizes that the biggest threat to these things we cherish is climate change.

Our bold climate action initiatives identify a series of conservation, education, and advocacy goals to fight climate change by reaching a carbon-neutral future in Massachusetts by 2050. One of our goals is to engage all communities in ways to act on climate change so we can protect our world both locally and globally. 

No matter who we are or why we care about climate change, each one of us has something special in common: we all have the power to act and make a difference. By using our voices to protect what we love, we can form a powerful climate action community that will move us toward solving the climate crisis.

Here are some of Mass Audubon's community members telling us why they care about climate change.

Kimberly May, 18

2019 Drumlin Farm Youth Climate Summit Participant

Kimberly May

Younger generations need to care about climate change because they should know that there is a future that we can look forward to if we fight together against it. The Youth Climate Summits informed me of the topics that aren’t taught or talked about in school for our climate fight.

Leslie DiCola, 62

2018 Birder's Certificate Program Participant

Leslie DiCola at a climate rally

I think it is my ‘nature’ that makes me speak for climate justice. I am a lifelong naturalist and my passion is service to others. I am aware that every ecosystem and every being on this planet Earth is vulnerable to an undiscriminating change in climate. Nature needs my strong voice.

Birgitta Dickerson, 52

Corporate Counsel, Salesforce 
Member of Mass Audubon Board of Directors

Birgitta Dickerson

I care about climate change because human activity directly threatens our planet. We must set aside politics and rapidly develop and implement Earth’s equivalent of the Apollo Project to meet this crisis while simultaneously addressing racial inequality and poverty in our climate action.

Taylor Cusher, 30

Mass Audubon Member

Taylor Cusher

I care about climate change because I am passionate about healthy food and food ecosystems. I want to support systems and communities where farms improve the land and where people can have access to healthy food. Climate change is a major threat to small, local farmers' ability to successfully grow crops annually and therefore is also a threat to people’s ability to have access to food that is important to them and their community.