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Cover of the 2016 Annual Report
Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas
Winter 2015 issue of Mass Audubon Connections Magazine
Annual Report   Breeding Bird Atlas   Connections newsletter
Explore Fall 2017 cover
Pocket ID Guides
Losing Ground
Explore newsletter   Laminated Pocket Guides   Losing Ground
MA Legislative Report Card 2015-2016
Front cover of Massachusetts Masterpieces
Cover image: Black-bellied Plover by Melvin G. Lawrence (1870-1932)
Quiet Earth - Mass Audubon Member Publication 2016
Legislative Report Card   Massachusetts Masterpieces: The Decoy as Art   Quiet Earth
Sanctuary Magazine summer 2013
Shaping the Future Guidebook Cover
State of the Birds 2017 cover - Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS
Black-capped chickadee © Bill Thompson, USFWS
Sanctuary Magazine   Shaping the Future Guidebook   State of the Birds
Stray Leaves: Selected Essays from Sanctuary Magazine
Stray Leaves