Mass Audubon, Green Energy Consumers Alliance Urge Households To ‘Make The Switch’

Innovative Partnership Helps Homeowners Opt for Sustainable Sources of Electricity

Release Date:
November 20, 2014

LINCOLN, Mass.—People now have a quick and easy way to shrink their household carbon footprint.  They can support sustainable energy sources for home electricity—and move away from fossil fuels—by signing up for “Make the Switch,” a partnership between Mass Audubon and the nonprofit Green Energy Consumers Alliance (Green Energy Consumers).

The respected conservation nonprofit Mass Audubon has set an initial target of a thousand member households across the Commonwealth to “Make the Switch.” In turn, Green Energy Consumers will match the electricity use of those who sign up with local green providers. It brings renewable power from wind, solar, biomass, and “cow power” (manure) to the grid on participants’ behalf—all without changing their regular utility company.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions is electricity production. And since electricity use can contribute up to 30% of a household’s carbon footprint, consumer choices have a real impact.

Buying green power through "Make the Switch" has several advantages:

  • It’s easy. Once signed up, Green Energy Consumers does the rest, meeting households’ electricity needs with renewable energy.
  • It’s effective. For every kilowatt hour of electricity purchased, renewable energy goes onto the power grid and displaces fossil fuel production.
  • It’s local. All of Mass Energy’s wind, solar, and “cow power” resources are located within Massachusetts. 
  • "Make the Switch" purchases are tax-deductible. The premium that participants pay for green power, about $10 or $20 per month, is tax-deductible for those who itemize charitable deductions on their federal tax-returns. 

"We encourage Mass Audubon members as well as the broader public to ‘Make the Switch’ and thereby make a real difference in cutting carbon emissions," President Henry Tepper said. “Working with partner Green Energy Consumers, we are committed to this quick, easy, and effective program that supports sustainable energy alternatives while moving us away from fossils fuels,” Tepper added.

Green Energy Consumers Executive Director Larry Chretien echoed Tepper’s comments. “With partners like Mass Audubon, we can replace this state’s overdependence upon fossil fuels and create jobs with clean, local renewable energy sources,” Chretien said.

To sign up or learn more about the “Make the Switch,” clean energy program, visit


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