Picture This: Your Great Outdoors 2022 Photo Contest Winners

The 2022 contest was a hit with over 7,000 entries! Each image was reviewed carefully by our team and after much deliberation, we are happy to announce the winners of the 2022 photo contest.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to everyone who participated!

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Honorable Mentions

Grand Prize: Kimberly Robbins

Grand Prize Photo © Kimberly Robbins
Great Egret © Kimberly Robbins (2022 Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner)



18 & Over: Kimberly Robbins
Great Egret © Kimberly Robbins
Great Egret © Kimberly Robbins (2022 Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner)
Under 18: Nick Teague
Under 18 Winning Shot © Nick Teague


18 & Over: Darya Zelentsova
Mammals Over 18 Winning Shot © Darya Zelentsova
Under 18: Cailyn Buchanan
Mammals Under 18 Winning Shot © Cailyn Buchanan

Other Wildlife

18 & Over: James Doucett
Other Animals Over 18 Winning Shot © James Doucett
Under 18: Aranya Karighattam
Other Wildlife Under 18 Winning Shot © Aranya Karighattam

Plants & Fungi

18 & Over: Megan Guldenzoph
Plants and Fungi Over 18 Winning Shot © Megan Hoff
Under 18: Michael Foley
Plants and Fungi Under 18 Winning Shot © Michael Foley


18 & Over: Todd Prario
Landscapes Over 18 Winning Shot © Todd Prario
Under 18: Lily Tallent
Landscapes Under 18 Winning Shot © Lily Tallent

People in Nature

18 & Over: Barry Berman
People In Nature Over 18 Winning Shot © Barry Berman
Under 18: Charlie Jaferian
People In Nature Under 18 Winning Shot © Charlie Jaferian

Honorable Mentions

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Jonathan McElvery Nancy Graupner Jenny Zhao David Martyn
May Adams Ava Bardsley Lilli DiGrande Lisa Cohen