Nature Preschools & Preschool Programs

Little girl with a butterfly net at Boston Nature Center

What could be more magical than a preschool where each child’s innate connection to nature is celebrated? Through hands-on activities, exploration, movement, and play, we support each child’s curiosity and wonder using our wildlife sanctuaries as outdoor classrooms.

In addition to four formal state-licensed preschools, many of our wildlife sanctuaries around the state offer weekly nature preschool programs. These programs offer preschoolers a chance to explore the outdoors with enthusiastic classmates and educators, discovering nature close to home in fall, winter, and spring.

Licensed Nature Preschools

Weekly Nature Preschool Programs

STEM Preschool Teaching Units

Mass Audubon is pleased to share four free, activity-based teaching units aimed for students 2.9 to 5 years old. Young children learn about the world around them by using their five senses while being mentored by a caring adult. Learn more

 “Some preschools have playgrounds; mine has a forest!”- 4-year-old about Nursery School Naturalists