Vernal Pool Resources

Want to learn more about vernal pools and how to protect them? Check out this compilation of vernal pool information and protection resources.

Pocket Guide

The handy Pond Watchers Guide to Ponds and Vernal Pools of Eastern North America is a laminated, illustrated fold-out published by Mass Audubon ($4.95)

Conservation Commissions 

Your local commission has information on certified vernal pools in your municipality and is responsible for confirming the location of wetlands and reviewing permit applications for work in or near wetlands. Call your city or town clerk at the local municipal offices for the conservation commission phone number if it is not listed separately in your local directory. Find your city's municipal phone directory >

Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP)

The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program website has plenty of information about vernal pools, including information on certification and rare species.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

This state agency is responsible for administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and making decisions on appeal of permits issued by local conservation commissions. DEP also administers the 401 Water Quality Certification Program. Regional offices are located in Boston, Lakeville, Worcester, and Springfield.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

Located in Concord, MA, the New England District of the Army Corps administers the federal Clean Water Act and has jurisdiction over some isolated wetlands that are not protected under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act.

Vernal Pool Association

Made up of a group of independent individuals, the Massachusetts-based Vernal Pool Association provides information useful for school groups, including an educational guide entitled Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools.