Wild at Art Summer Camp | Program Descriptions & Hours

MABA campers wearing handmade gnome hats

Campers have fun and build lasting friendships as naturalists, teaching artists, and trained counselors lead them in outdoor explorations and creative art projects, including kiln-fired pottery, painting, mixed media, printmaking, and more.

Camp Hours

  • Full Day: 9:00 am–3:00 pm
  • Before Camp Option: 7:45–9:00 am
  • After Camp Option: 3:00–5:30 pm

Mini-Sessions | 1-Week Sessions2-Week Specialty Sessions
Travel Sessions | Leaders-in-Training

Two-Day Mini-Sessions • Ages 4–13 (grouped by age)

Salamander Safari
July 1-2 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Splish-splash, exploring water is a blast! Go on a salamander safari at our vernal pool and brook. Let your imagination run wild as you create art inspired by salamanders and water, including painting and suminagashi—the Japanese art of paper marbling using water and ink.

Stream Detectives
July 1–2 • Ages 9–10 & 11–13
Uncover the secrets in our stream and learn about stream ecology. Let frogs, salamanders, and water inspire you to create amazing art through printmaking and suminagashi—the Japanese art of paper marbling using water and ink.

Watery Worlds
July 3 & 5 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Search for creatures that live in water as you explore our vernal pool and brook. Let frogs, salamanders, and water inspire you to create amazing prints. Learn different printmaking techniques, including collagraphy, stamp making, and relief-printing. No camp on July 4.

Aquatic Adventures
July 3 & 5 • Ages 9–10 & 11–13
Catch and release crayfish, discover how dragonflies spend some of their life underwater, and use our digital microscope to uncover the miniature world hidden in a drop of vernal pond water. Become an aquatic ecologist as you explore our brook and vernal pool. Your discoveries will inspire your art projects, including mixed-media paintings, collage, and more.

Nature Photography: Build a Digital Camera to Create Wild Art
July 3 & 5 • Ages 7–8, 9–10, & 11–13
Back by popular demand! There is art in science and science in art: one does not exist without the other. Immerse yourself in artistic and scientific inquiry as you build a digital camera and create art. Learn about the science and technology "hidden" inside a camera, and learn how to take awesome nature photos and selfies. At the end of the week, the camera is yours to keep! No camp on July 4.

1-Week Sessions • Ages 4–13 (grouped by age)

The Lorax: Being Nature’s Superhero
June 24-28 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Using the Lorax as inspiration, enter the world of Dr. Seuss and become a nature superhero! Learn all about the amazing ways animals and plants are nature superheroes and how you can be one, too. Using art and stories created by Dr. Seuss as inspiration, and your own imagination, create your own world through art.

Nature’s Serenade: The Music of the Natural World → NEW!
June 24–28 • Ages 9–10 & 11–13
Listen to nature’s symphony, as you discover how nature makes music from the dawn chorus of migrating birds to trilling cicadas on a summer afternoon. Create musical instruments with natural materials, install sound sculptures in the sanctuary, and create art inspired by nature’s serenade.

That’s Wild: Owl Extravaganza → Live Animal Week!
July 8–12 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Back by popular demand, owls soar into camp again this summer! Spend the week on the prowl for owls. See live owls up close, learn about their special adaptations, and create art based on the different owl species found here in Massachusetts.

Nature Photography & Owls → Live Animal Week!
July 8–12 • Ages 9–10 & 11–13
Discover the mysterious world of owls, and develop the skills needed to capture nature’s beauty through the lens of a camera. Demystify the settings on your digital camera and learn to take photographs that truly convey the magnificence of our natural world.

Clay-Mazing Treasure Hunters
July 15–19 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Search the sanctuary for wildlife treasure, including buried nature "artifacts." Create clay treasures using different ceramic techniques. Use treasure maps, build a clay treasure chest, and hand-build your own ceramic "artifacts."

Soaring Dragonflies, Cool Caterpillars, & Printmaking Adventures
July 22–26 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Soar, flap, and float as you spend the week discovering how dragonflies and butterflies fly, drink, and eat. Design and build a set of wearable wings, and "soar" through the sanctuary on an insect safari. Sherrie York, an amazing artist and educator, visits camp this week and will guide you on printmaking adventures.

Exploring Watery Worlds
July 22–26 • Ages 9–10 & 11–13
Catch and release crayfish, discover how dragonflies spend some of their life underwater, and use our digital microscope to uncover the miniature world hidden in a drop of vernal pond water. Become an aquatic ecologist as you explore our brook and vernal pool. Your discoveries will inspire your art projects, including mixed-media paintings, collage, and more.

Nature’s Melodies: The Music of Nature → NEW!
July 29–August 2 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Listen to robins singing at the sanctuary, a flock of blue jays sounding the alarm as a hawk flies overhead, and cicadas trilling on a summer afternoon as you discover how nature makes music. Create musical instruments with natural materials and create art inspired by nature’s serenade.

Painting Immersion: Nature’s Palette
July 29–August 2 • Ages 9–10 & 11–13
Gather inspiration from the natural world and explore painting in depth. Paint outside in the fresh air, discover different techniques inside the studio, and get up close with masterpieces in Mass Audubon’s art collection. Enjoy the space and freedom to experiment with painting and create your own masterpieces.

That’s Wild: Clay-Mazing Flyers → Live Animal Week!
August 5–9 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Soar like a hawk through the woods, swoop like a falcon along the brook, and see live birds, including a hawk, up close. Discover amazing birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other winged creatures that live at the sanctuary. A live hawk and falcon will visit camp this week. Let these amazing animals inspire you to create clay birds and other animal sculptures using different hand-building ceramic techniques.

Discovering Where the Wild Things Are
August 12–16 • Ages 4–6 & 7–8
Go on a weeklong animal safari at the sanctuary, explore wildlife through beloved children’s literature, and create your very own illustrated book. Discover techniques used by picture-book illustrators, and use them in your wonderfully wild stories.

2-Week Specialty Sessions • Ages 9–14 (grouped by age)

Nature-Inspired Pottery: Clay-Mazing Creatures & Nature’s Table
July 15–26 • Ages 9–10 & 11–14
Do you love creating art and learning about nature? Immerse yourself in the world of pottery. Learn how to “throw” on our pottery wheels and create nature-themed tableware, such as plates and mugs. Discover how to combine throwing and hand-building techniques to create cups, platters, and other tableware inspired by summer and the wildlife you see at camp. Create sculptures that re-imagine the animals and plants that live at the sanctuary—and in your own backyard.

Nature’s Canvas: Painting, Nature Journaling, & Field Biology
August 5–16 • Ages 9–10 & 11–14
Do you love exploring nature, making discoveries, and creating art? Conduct mini science experiments, survey our vernal pool as an aquatic ecologist, and discover hidden natural treasures. Find monarch caterpillars in the meadow and crayfish in the brook, use our digital microscope to get a closer look at these magnificent creatures, and create a wildlife-inspired works of art by sketching and painting what you’ve seen.

1-Week Travel Sessions • Ages 11–15

Calling all adventurers, artists, and nature lovers! Visit amazing locations, create art, and have fun with friends. All participants will receive and take home an artist-quality sketchbook, drawing supplies, watercolor palette with high-quality paints, and a watercolor brush. All admission fees, materials, and ice cream stops are included in the cost of the program.

Nature, Art, & Exploration (Week 1)
July 8–12 • Ages 11–15
Travel to internationally renowned artist Barry Van Dusen’s studio for a behind-the-scenes tour, and to Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary to sketch and paint with Barry in the field for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Visit World’s End in Hingham to explore and create art in a natural space that has incredible intertidal and terrestrial ecosystems. Tour the unique Nature Lab at the Rhode Island School of Design for a chance to create art inspired by its collection, and visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo to draw animals from live subjects. Enjoy stops for ice cream on most days.

Nature, Art, & Exploration (Week 2)
July 29–August 2 • Ages 11–15
Sketch, paint, and nature-journal with critically acclaimed, internationally acclaimed artist Clare Walker Leslie (http://www.clarewalkerleslie.com/) at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Travel to diverse natural habitats, go on scenic hikes, sketch incredible animals, and improve your artistic abilities. See live owls, hawks, foxes, and more on a behind-the-scenes tour of Blue Hills Trailside Museum in Milton, and hike to the top of Great Blue Hill. Visit the Natural History Museum at Harvard University, and tour the Save the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium in Newport, Rhode Island. Enjoy stops for ice cream on most days.

Leaders-in-Training (ages 14–17)

Are you a high school student who is enthusiastic about camp, nature, and art? We are looking for you! Leaders in Training (LITs) develop valuable leadership and teaching skills and are an important part of our camp team, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of our campers.

All LITs commit to at least two weeks of camp and several training days in June. An application is required. To apply, please contact the Camp Director.

Extended Day Options

Before Camp (7:45–9:00 am) • After Camp (3:00–5:30 pm)

Need an earlier drop-off or a later pick-up? Our trained camp staff will supervise campers enrolled in our optional Before and After Camp programs. Campers may choose from a variety of activities, including active games, restful games, coloring, crafts, and reading. The group also may choose to play in the field just outside the Nature Center.

Preregistration is required. Select desired dates for this optional program during checkout when registering online.

Overnight Camp at Wildwood

Wildwood logo

Is your child ready to try an overnight camp experience? Check out Mass Audubon’s Wildwood Camp, located in Rindge, NH! With outdoor exploration programs for boys and girls ages 9–17, Wildwood is the perfect next step for your day camp-lover.

What Others Are Saying

“Wild at Art is an amazing camp. It is the best-run camp we have attended. Sean Kent, the camp director, does an amazing job. The whole staff is professional, and engages well with the campers.”

“The camp was amazing. My daughter LOVED it. She was so happy to attend, made new friends and learned a lot in her 2 weeks at Wild at Art. The extra-special touches like the art show and pictures are appreciated. Thank you.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Wild at Art camp! It is an intimate setting, the staff are excellent, and the director is hands on with all of the kids and parents. My daughter got to spend the summer outside, exploring nature, hiking on the trails, and getting in touch with her creative side with lots of art and photography. She came home with paint on her clothes, dirt on her skin, tired and happy! She can’t wait to go back this summer!”

“I think the programs are amazing. The staff is great and you all do a great job. I love how the programs are expanding.”

“Sending our son to the Wild at Art camp for the last couple of years was, without a doubt, a great decision. The weeks he spends at the camp are the highlight of his entire summer. He is always so happy and confident and begging to get out of the house and off to camp in the morning. Art and nature are two things that are super important to our family and also two things that he enjoys very much, so everyone is thrilled! He will definitely be returning next summer!”

“I was just thinking that Wild at Art camp is the perfect place for me. I love nature and I love art. That must be why I like it so much.” —Camper

“My camper loved all aspects about the camp. I think one of the best parts for her was the smaller camp group size. And, she loved the activities—I was very impressed with the pottery and other projects she brought home. Very cool!”

“We are grateful we found you and your camp. Each year the boys are so happy to attend! Your staff is friendly and helpful, and the kids really enjoy it. Thank you for all the hard work you and your staff put into the camp each year.”

“My son loved the camp. The group sizes were perfect for getting to know the kids and counselors. He loved hikes to the brook, catching different creatures, and of course the art projects.”