Professional Development for Preschool & Pre-K Educators

Preschoolers running down a hill at Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Natural Connections for Early Educators

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Mass Audubon educators will teach you how to make the outdoors into a relaxed and safe classroom. When you shift teaching your curriculum outside, you and your students can take advantage of the calming effects of nature, better air flow, and increased spacing for social distancing. These workshops can take place safely in-person or online.

Program Goals

  • Build skills and confidence for teaching all curriculum areas outdoors.
  • Learn techniques for helping children to understand and follow social distancing practices and mask usage.
  • Gain tools for helping young children manage stress and anxiety as a result of shutdowns.
  • Become familiar with various ways to include nature into existing school curricula.


Resiliency Building: Children, Nature & Social-Emotional Development
Learn ideas and games that teach about social distancing/mask wearing; participate in outdoor team-building activities; and gain tools for building emotional resilience and reducing stress in your outdoor classroom space. 

Calming Sensory Stimuli: Art & Music Found Outside
Learn various techniques for listening and looking to find the calming and restorative art and music that is in nature. Get creative and take inspiration from and gain an appreciation for that art and music that can only be found outside.

Expressing Yourself: Nature-inspired Language & Literacy
Develop your descriptive language skills, delve into the art of storytelling, and explore beginning literacy skills. Build literacy skills outside the four walls of the classroom by communicating via letter writing, reading the stories left behind by animals, or creating your own nature-inspired tales.

Adapting to Change: Building Early Science Literacy
Help your preschoolers answer some of the bigger questions about how and why things change and how we can adapt. This exciting intro to science literacy covers concepts like cause and effect, the cyclical nature of life, how all living things can adapt to new challenges, and how to observe that which is going on around us. 

Going the Distance: Socially-distant Math Lessons in the Natural World
Empower your students to feel more aware and in control of the new spacing requirements through concrete math principals such as sequencing of events, comparing and contrasting objects, and counting. Find creative ways to teach distance and organize your learning spaces so preschoolers fully comprehend what six feet apart means.

Spreading Your Wings: Fine & Gross Motor Development    
Get your preschoolers active through a variety of fun and safe small and gross motor games, projects, and activities. From heavy duty nature building to fine precision work, your students will have a chance to use their whole bodies and get those "ya-ya's" out. 

Options & Fees

  • $300/workshop — Workshop(s) run by Mass Audubon
  • $1,600/entire series  — Get the entire series for your school (11% discount)
  • $125/hour — Additional, individual consulting/curriculum design services

Booking Information

Please contact us if you want to schedule a workshop or series, or if you would like more information about the program.

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