Themed Explorations — Trees

Young girl playing in a tree

Speak for the Trees!

Over 50 years ago, Earth Day was started to celebrate the Earth and to raise awareness of what people were doing to the planet. As you look out your window, walk down your street, or explore your backyard—stop and look at the trees!

Spend some time investigating buds and twigs and branches up close if you can. What do trees do for us and what can we do to care for and protect those trees? Speak for the trees (and the earth) by learning about the world around us and how you can make a positive difference!


Story Time

Keep Learning!

Young Voices for the Planet
Documentary films that feature diverse young adults working to save the planet.

Explore with Plum Landing
Mass Audubon has partnered with WGBH to provide even more ways for you to explore nature. Check out City in the Forest from WGBH's Plum Landing, a PBS KIDS environmental science project that offers families and educators fun and easy activities to get outside and connect to nature. Learn more about Plum Landing > 

Learn to ID Trees
Visit Arbor Day Foundation's What Tree is That? to identify the amazing trees found across the Commonwealth. This online field guide is an illustrated, step-by-step process that makes it easy to identify a tree simply by the kinds of leaves it produces.