Explore Your Neighborhood — Themed Explorations

Family exploring nature on a trail

Families can create and enjoy their own fun and educational adventures without leaving their neighborhood! Mass Audubon's educators have created lots of free nature-based content for Grades K-8 and designed for online learning.

Explore all four days of cool, original content below!

Young boy with binoculars

Spring is for the birds!

Join us as we take a closer look at the birds flying overhead, the birds busily building nests, and the birds singing outside our windows. Get started >

Young girl playing in a tree

Speak for the trees!

What do trees do for us, and what can we do to care for and protect those trees? Spend some time investigating buds, twigs, and branches up close. Get started >

Small child playing in a puddle of water

Wetlands, Ponds, & Vernal Pools...Oh My!

By studying how aquatic ecosystems work, we can all gain a greater understanding of why they are important and what we need to do to protect them. Get started >

Wild Turkey walking near picnic tables with people

Wake Up to Wildlife!

There is wildlife all around us everywhere—in cities, towns, farms, and wild places. Learn why animals look and act the way they do and how it helps them survive. Get started >