Wind Activity Page

From Connections, May-August 2010

Download and print this page to complete the activities and check out the bonus activities.

Wind Activity Page

Bonus Activities

Make a Pinwheel 

7-inch-square piece of paper 
Pencil with an eraser 

  1. Fold the paper in half so it forms a triangle. Unfold.
  2. Fold the paper again so it forms another triangle. Unfold. There should be an X folded into the paper.
  3. Cut along each folded line from the outside edge, toward the center of the X, stopping about one inch from the center.
  4. Fold the right corner of each outer section in toward the center. Secure the corner tip to the center with the pushpin.
  5. Push the point of the pushpin into the eraser.
  6. Blow on your pinwheel, or take it outside on a windy day.

Blowing in the Wind 

Discover wind direction by:

  • Blowing bubbles outdoors and watching where the breeze carries them
  • Releasing milkweed or dandelion seeds and watching where they float to
  • Holding up a piece of thread or long hair and watching what direction it goes

Classified Information

Next time you go outside to explore, try to classify the wind by matching your observations using this chart.

Wind Classification Your Observation Wind Speed (mph)
Calm Smoke and milkweed seeds drift straight upward less than 1 mph
Light Air Smoke and milkweed seeds drift sideways 1-3 mph
Gentle Breeze Leaves rustle 4-7 mph
Moderate Wind Leaves blow about 13-18 mph
Strong Wind Branches bend 25-31 mph
Severe Wind Twigs break off trees 39-46 mph
Gale Some trees fall 55-63 mph
Hurricane Severe damage 73+ mph