Snow Science Activity Page

From Connections, January-April 2011

Download and print this page to complete the activities and check out the bonus activities.

Snow Science Activity Page

Bonus Activities

Snow Scavenger Hunt

Go for a walk when there is snow on the ground and search for these things.

  • Melting snow
  • Tracks in the snow
  • A deep snowdrift
  • Sunlight sparkling on snow
  • A snowflake
  • Clouds
  • A place where the snow is staying longer

Using a Snow Compass

Look at some accumulated snow - a pile in your driveway or the street, a snowperson you built, or a snow drift in your neighborhood. 

As the sun shines on the snow, it will begin to melt. 
You can tell where there is greater insolation (exposure of something to sunlight) because that side will melt sooner.

Did you know?

In New England, snow usually melts sooner on the south side.

Measuring Storm Depths

Before a snowstorm, place measured sticks outside where you can see them, but where they will not be in the way.

After it snows, go out and mark the snow depth at each stick with a permanent marker.

Compare the snow depth at each stick. If the depth differs, try to figure out what caused the difference.

Keep the sticks out for a few weeks. Compare the depth markers as the snow melts.

Has the snow melted at the same rate at each marker?