Seeds Activity Page

Download and print this page to complete the activities and check out the bonus activity.

Seeds Activity Page

Bonus Activity

High Flyers

Find some milkweeds or dandelions that have gone to seed. Look closely at the fluff, which has a tiny seed attached at one end. The fluff acts as a sail, enabling the seed to travel with the wind, often for great distances. Take wing with these experiments.

  • Take a dandelion head or a handful of milkweed fluff and blow the seeds. How far do they travel? What conditions affect their flight—wind, rain, or the dryness of the fluff?
  • Have a “race” between two or more flying seeds to see which travels the farthest, or the highest, before landing.
  • Make a wish on your dandelion. If all the seeds are blown off in one puff, your wish may come true!