Explore a Sanctuary with Quests

Hiking up the drumlin at Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

What is a Quest? 

In case you are wondering what Quests are about,
A Quest is a search, you're soon to find out.
It's an outdoor treasure hunt where clues are in verse.
To locate each stop, the hints are quite terse.
But if you can find each stop from our comments,
you'll soon learn new things about your environment.
At the end of each quest, there's always a box.
The box is hidden but doesn't have locks.
Your job is to find it and the clues will guide you.
So go on a Quest and join the fun, too!

Come Play Outside!

Quests help families, youth groups, and friends explore and learn the special stories of our wildlife sanctuaries. It's free and you can do it at your own pace.

Where to Quest

Berkshires & Connecticut River Valley

Arcadia Tree & Habitat Quest
When you are through, you’ll see trees are the best!

Central Massachusetts

Broad Meadow Brook Quest
Fun for your brain and exercise for your body!


Boston Nature Center Winter Quest
Enjoy a winter walk to while solving the clues.

Metro South

Moose Hill Vernal Pool & Kettle-Pine Quests
Learn more about our vernal pool, kettle pond, and pine forest!

South East

Daniel Webster Owl Quest
Enter the heart of the red maple swamp, home to some of Daniel Webster's Owls.

North River Hannah Eames Quest
Learn why early settler Hannah Eames found North River so special.

Cape Cod

Long Pasture Quest
Search for secretive creatures in Barnstable Harbor's tidal flats. 

Wellfleet Bay Quest
Keep a sharp eye for critters as you walk through a variety of habitats.

Martha's Vineyard

Felix Neck Island Quest
Birds, bogs and more!