Mass Audubon's Nature Play Days

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Illustration of squirrel hopping over the words "Nature Play Days"

Science has confirmed that spending time outdoors is good for our minds and bodies. But, sadly, children today spend less time outside than any other generation before them.

We're here to change that.

As a way to encourage everyone, adults and children, to get out and play in nature, Mass Audubon created Nature Play Days. Our team of enthusiastic educators developed a series of seasonal nature play ideas and activities, all of which can be done in your neighborhood, local park, or wildlife sanctuary!


Nature Smarts

Nature Smarts Workbooks

Mass Audubon's Nature Smarts Workbooks for ages 4–6 and 7–9 are packed with colorfully illustrated games, puzzles, mazes, and on-the-page activities to get children excited to learn about nature. Learn more >

Family NPD Programs


Want More?

Find seasonal family programs at a wildlife sanctuary near you!

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Why Nature Play Matters

Why Nature Play Matters

There are endless benefits to playing in the outdoors. Specifically, nature play:

Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle  • Develops imagination, creativity, & invention  • Allows a space for children to navigate risk & problem solving  • Supports inquiry-based learning through curiosity & exploration • Provides opportunities to practice adaptability, flexibility, & resilience

And of course, when children are in nature, they find connections to the natural world. These connections are critical to creating the next generation of nature heroes!