Community Engagement Coordinator – Boston

Location: Boston, MA
Sanctuary: Boston Nature Center

About This Position

The Community Engagement Coordinator will be part of Mass Audubon’s Nature in the City team focused on activities in Boston. Their primary role will be the Alliance Coordinator for the Boston Tree Planting and Maintenance Program. The program provides grants to nonprofit organizations to plant trees on privately-owned land in the City of Boston. Mass Audubon serves as the Alliance convener and fiscal agent for the distribution of grant funds. As the Alliance Coordinator, the Community Engagement Manger has responsibility for managing the Alliance member organizations (recruitment, communication, meeting facilitation); co-creating the Alliance’s governance structure; overseeing the tree planting grant application process, including the disbursement of funds; coordination of tree planting and maintenance training materials and education sessions; and general support of the Alliance and its tree planting and outreach goals.

After the first year of the Boston Tree Planting and Maintenance Program, the Community Engagement Coordinator’s duties may also include additional community engagement efforts to advance Nature in the City goals in Boston, or educational curriculum development and programs in Boston depending on interest, skills and funding.

Job# 4089