Explore a Sanctuary with Discovery Booklets

Discovery Booklet

Listen for the sound of leaves rustling in the wind... Peek at a bullfrog sitting by the edge of a pond or marsh... Discover animal tracks in the mud or snow... Draw a picture of something special that you observed... Trace the texture of a leaf, shell, or the bark of a tree...

These are just some of the activities that are included in Mass Audubon's Discovery Booklets. These activity booklets help you learn about the habitats and wildlife at our sanctuaries by observing what's around you.

Get a Booklet

Booklets can be downloaded here to print on your own before visiting a sanctuary. Hard copies are also available for free at our Nature Centers.

Younger Children

Use at any wildlife sanctuary

General 439.92 kB


Stony Brook 460.00 kB
Wellfleet 382.39 kB

Older Kids

Use at any wildlife sanctuary

General 227.57 kB


Stony Brook 273.67 kB
Wellfleet 218.14 kB