Published on July 16, 2021

Wellfleet Bay’s Day Camp Staff Includes Longtime Campers

former camper counselors

Some of Wellfleet Bay’s day camp staffers have deep roots at the sanctuary. Five of them were once campers themselves—some for well over 10 years!

Hannah Bullard, Dylan Cleverly, Margaret Coles, Eli Fastiff, and Lucy Swain have been part of the day camp program for most of their lives, some of them only 4 or 5-years-old when they discovered Wellfleet Bay. Day camp director Morgan Peck says several transitioned from camper to counselor through the Leader-in-Training program (LIT), which allows young teens to remain a part of the day camp experience while developing environmental education skills.

“The LIT program was designed in large part to develop future counselors who know the sanctuary well, have local natural history knowledge, and loved camp when they were younger,” Morgan says.

Day Camp Then & Now

What’s changed since their camper days? “More buildings,” notes Hannah Bullard, who at the age of 25 is the veteran of the group and in her third year as a day camp counselor. “The day camp classrooms didn’t exist or the education wing—everything at camp back then was outdoors. But the trails and the games are just the same.”

All five counselors agree that time honored camp games like Park Ranger (a natural history-based blend of tag, Simon Says, and 20 Questions) are hugely popular. Besides allowing kids to burn off energy, Margaret Cole says games can help assess what a child has learned.

“We overheard some kids deciding they were going to be snails for a game of Park Ranger,” Dylan Cleverly recalls. “So we called for anyone who was a gastropod to take two steps forward, but none of “the snails” moved. Those kids learned a new word that day!” he adds.