Published on June 12, 2020

Starting the Summer with Welcome Trail Improvements

Former crooked dock on Silver Spring trail at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
© Jeannette Bragger

Despite winter and the pandemic that followed, parts of the sanctuary have undergone several trail repairs, improvements and new features.

With the trails recently reopened, visitors are taking note of the newly restored Goose Pond bridge and observation deck; the straightening of a notoriously crooked Silver Spring dock and an easier, safer passage over the Silver Spring Bridge.

The changes are the hard work of Property Manager James Nielsen who took advantage of a relatively snow-free winter but also had to negotiate restrictions necessitated by COVID-19. James says while it was a lot of work, it was satisfying.

Trail with rope handrails at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary © Jeannette Bragger
© Jeannette Bragger

"Most of my job is rinse and repeat everyday—you got to clean the bathrooms every day, vacuum, take out the trash," said James. "This is something that's done, should be done for a long time, and that I can enjoy!"

While birdwatchers are thrilled to have the Goose Pond project completed, other visitors are also grateful for the improved footing along the Silver Spring Bridge. They're also appreciative of the new rope handrails, which make it much easier to navigate the substantial hill on the west side of the bridge.

One visitor called the rope rail, "Genius…as attractive as it is practical."

Other changes await visitors once the Nature Center reopens later in the summer. Thanks to the Eric and Jane Nord Family Fund, a new stream flows just outside the windows in the bird feeder area; an original landscape mural has been installed on three exhibit hall walls; and two new learning stations feature bird species being researched on sanctuary property.

Important Visitor Information

  • Trails are open Tuesday–Saturday from 7:30 am–7:30 pm (closed on Sunday & Monday)
  • All buildings & facilities remain closed
  • No restrooms or water fountains are available

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