Published on November 28, 2018

Sea Turtle Stranding Season Off to Busy Start

Bob with big loggerhead

When we started getting cold-stunned sea turtles much earlier than usual—we had an inkling it was going to be a busy season.

We have now rescued or recovered well over 600 cold-stunned sea turtles and we still have December ahead of us! It's already our second biggest year ever.

Several Surprises & One Deep Freeze

The idea that this fall’s cold-stun sea turtle period could prove to be a memorable one began when turtles began stranding in mid-October, about two weeks earlier than expected.

Then two more surprises happened.

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2018 Season Stats

As of December 01, 2018

→ Total sea turtles found: 647
→ Total sea turtles alive: 363

By Species

Kemp’s ridley   620
Loggerhead   11
Green   16

By Town (partial list)

Barnstable 4   Eastham 123
Dennis 74   Wellfleet 96
Brewster 207   Truro 46
Orleans 86   Other Locations 1
Total: 637