Published on May 20, 2022

Sharing Wellfleet Bay’s Best-Kept Secret

Wellfleet Bay’s campground has existed for decades, but most sanctuary visitors are unaware of it.

For the families who’ve enjoyed many summer stays over the years, the campground in the pine woods east of the Nature Center has been a place of rejuvenation, peace, and the chance to share space with the Outer Cape’s wildlife— in the woods, the open fields, the salt marshes and the tidal flats.

campground looking south

Campground visitors may find themselves serenaded after dark by calls of Great Horned Owls, and in the morning the trills of Pine Warblers. The occasional box turtle has been known to stroll by.

The Simple Life

“It’s rustic,“ notes campground manager Betsy Ryder. “There’s no wifi or electrical hookups that you usually find at large campgrounds. It’s a campground that is part of a wildlife sanctuary," she adds.

The campground does offer the convenience of a professionally maintained bathhouse with flush toilets and hot water showers. And there are just 14 camping spaces. All campers must be active Mass Audubon members at the time of registration.

Because of its simplicity and tucked-away location, the campground is an experience eagerly anticipated by its regular visitors. Betsy quotes a New York man, who’s camped at Wellfleet Bay for many years: “He says his annual visit is his version of a spa!” she says.

The campground opens July 2nd. Learn more about the summer schedule, rules, and rates.