"Sea Change" Environmental Film Series

February 16, 2019

You're invited to the 2019 Sea Change environmental film and discussion series! Now in its 7th year, this event series is co-sponsored by Wellfleet Bay, the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, and WCAI Radio. 

The venue fee is $12 per person. To reserve seats by phone, call the WHAT Box Office at 508-349-9428.

All films will be screened at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater.

Fox Tales

Saturday, February 16 • 7:00–9:00 pm

Red Fox (Photo: Mark Faherty)
Red Fox (Photo: Mark Faherty)

In this PBS Nature film, we’re treated to intimate views of how Red Foxes live their lives—from inside a fox den with kits; wrestling matches in which young foxes establish dominance; and even a view from inside a garbage can as a fox makes a raid!

After the film, we’ll discuss the growth of the Cape’s Red Fox population, its booms and busts, the animals’ interactions with coyotes, and, of course, humans! WCAI’s Steve Junker will join Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary science coordinator Mark Faherty and wildlife veterinarian Priya Patel of the Cape Wildlife Center.

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The Last Bay Scallop

Saturday, March 16 • 7:00–9:00 pm

Like those in many Cape and Island communities, the bay scallop fishery on Nantucket—the last commercial one on the east coast—is at risk of depletion. In this film, Nantucket resident John Stanton looks at the remaining scallop fishermen in his town, how they view the decline in scallop abundance, and what Nantucket is trying to do to protect its dwindling fishery.

The film will be followed by a panel hosted by WCAI’s Mindy Todd.

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Ocean Cities

Saturday, April 20 • 7:00–9:00 pm

Coastal communities have been warned—our changing climate will accelerate sea level rise and produce more frequent storms, more damaging floods, and erosion. But what can cities and towns actually do about it? This film looks at mitigation projects some major cities already have implemented and what additional work and public policy questions they may have to confront.

A post-film discussion with WCAI’s Heather Goldstone will focus on the issues and decisions the Cape may be facing.

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