Published on May 19, 2020

Sanctuary Director's Message: Kindness Comes in All Sizes

A small square of chocolate on top of letters received in the mail

Twice a week, I leave my home office and go to the sanctuary to take care of tasks that can't be done remotely.

Walking in to the darkened, quiet Nature Center is an odd feeling. The front desk is usually busy with activity and there are typically several co-workers and volunteers to say hello to and chat with. But for the past eight weeks, I head to my desk past lonely chairs and work stations and feel the emptiness.

Except for yesterday. As there, on my desk—atop a pile of mail and folders left for me to review—sat a single piece of chocolate.

It's a bit hard to describe, but seeing that unexpected chocolate in its shiny black wrapper placed carefully on my desk had a very powerful effect. My throat tightened while at the same time my heart swelled. The kindness of that simple gesture overwhelmed me. 

The thoughtfulness directed at Wellfleet Bay these past several weeks has truly been uplifting. Several foundations and individuals have gifted us extra funds—in the thousands of dollars—to support our struggling operating budget; grantors understand our challenges and are extending deadlines or, more often, waiving project deliverables.

And that's not all. Program participants have donated their registration fees for canceled programs and camp sessions; countless members and friends have reached out with emails to tell us they miss the sanctuary; volunteers wave happily at me through the windows of their cars as we pass on the road.

And a colleague surprises me with a piece of candy.

Generosity comes in many beautiful forms. Thank you.

—Melissa Lowe, Sanctuary Director