Published on February 12, 2018

Monomoy Students Flock to Yearlong Bird Program

Observing Bird Banding_reduced

Seventh graders from Chatham and Harwich are getting a whole year to think about birds—their biology, the habitats they use and depend upon, and the threats they face on a daily basis.

The program is a new approach to leveraging Wellfleet Bay’s unique expertise to help schools teach fundamental science concepts and skills.

It began in October with introductory bird-focused lessons for the entire seventh grade followed by a visit to Wellfleet Bay's bird banding station.

Later, students were given the option of taking part in a seminar, which includes a series of lessons on specialized bird topics and hands-on field experience.

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Golfinch in thistle plant - Sherri VandenAkker
©Sherri VandenAkker

Thank You

Wellfleet Bay would like to thank the Mary-Louise Eddy and Ruth N. Eddy Foundation for making this yearlong bird education program possible in the Monomoy Regional Middle School.